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I was looking for the Google cache of the misnamed ‘True Justice for Meredith Kercher’ hate site today. I don’t like to give those trolls any direct hits if I can help it. For some reason the cache does not show at the moment. All you get is a tab with links to ‘similar’ sites which takes you to other hate sites like their fake wiki. Still unwilling to give them the hits, I clicked on the ‘more results’ link. This took me to another Google selection.

This is how I found the cache of Uber Fuehrer Peter Quennell’s rant about Oprah Winfrey from 2010. He got very cross when Oprah had the temerity to talk to Amanda’s folks about the travesty of the 2009 Massei trial. Quennell plays the race card as hard as he can, especially for Oprah. This is part of what he wrote, with my comments in brackets:

“Oprah Gets Snowed: Why Was She Not Made Aware of The Race Card Being Played?”

(Quennell likes his headlines capped.)

Is she aware that the poor black guy Rudy Guede has no prior convictions and that all three have had prior brushes with the police?

(In the month before Meredith’s murder Guede was on a crime spree which included a burglary where he threatened the residents with a knife. He had been arrested and released in Milan following another break-in. The police and Quennell were well aware of this. Amanda had a paid a noise violation ticket at her leaving party and Raffaele had once been found in possession of a tiny amount of hashish.)

Is she aware that there is NO reliable evidence that the poor black guy Guede has ever done drug dealing or burglary in Perugia or for that matter wielded a knife?

(See above comment. Guede had form for knife wielding.)

Is she aware that there is no REMOTELY feasible scenario under which a lone wolf like the poor black guy Guede could have done this crime all alone?

(Only one out of the seven expert witnesses at the Massei trial believed that there needed to have been more than one attacker – the witness who was hired by Maresca, the Kercher family lawyer.)

Is she aware that there is EXTENSIVE evidence that Knox and Sollecito rearranged the crime scene and moved Meredith’s body – while the poor black guy Guede was reliably reported at a disco?”

(No evidence that Knox or Sollecito rearranged the crime scene has ever emerged. No evidence that either of them were ever in Meredith’s room has ever emerged either.)

Quennell’s hate site has always been about sidelining Meredith Kercher’s killer

Poor black guy, indeed. Rudy Guede had a difficult upbringing but he was thrown a lifeline by the Caporali family – the richest in Perugia. He may be black but he did not have to be poor. He made some bad choices and became a murderer. He cannot blame anyone else for that.

What is astonishing about Quennell and the whole ‘True Justice for Meredith Kercher’ operation was that it was never about justice and it was never about Meredith. It was always about Amanda Knox and it was always about protecting Rudy Guede and minimising his role. Guede was Meredith’s killer. There is no evidence that anyone else was involved. What is unique about this case is that the effort expended to frame the innocents was harnessed to an equally vigorous effort to protect the guilty.

Quennell and his trolls are still being fed with trial documents that can only have come from someone who is close to the case in Italy – documents that were not in the public domain and were denied to the defence.

One day we may discover more about that.

2 thoughts on “Rudy Guede, the poor black guy

  1. Interesting. Didn’t know there was only one expert who said there were “multiple attackers” and that he came from Maresca. Was he truly paid? Uh…wow. So, this whole time the family has believed the “with others” theory is because of Maresca? Creepy individual of a man. I think they (the family) should sue him for every last cent he owns! The amount of damage this ONE ridiculous statement has caused them is insurmountable. Pretty amazing… thanks for the article.

  2. Nigel,
    by the looks of it, the (poor or otherwise) Rudy Guede could undergo a religious “born-again” conversion TOMORROW, make clean breast of all his crimes and misdemeanors, tell the truth of his butchering Meredith Kercher during a burglary, and, later, being primed (“special cased”) by Mignini et al to shift as much of the blame onto La Strega Americana and her Native Fornicator, and the Quennell entity plus his die-hard Twitter trolls would go into overdrive of how RG must’ve been poisoned in mind and body, brainwashed from afar by Amanda Knox’s evil telepathological waves or something.

    Frankly, Nigel, rather than criticize it, we should encourage Quennells of this world to dig themselves even deeper in, on assumption of them doing less harm to the world in this fashion, and in the end, perhaps, suffocating themselves while looking for proofs of Amanda’s guilt up their own behinds.

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