The price of our womanhood is paid in blood, a price men cannot pay

This is a guest post. The author wishes to remain anonymous.

This is a cracking piece. It should be shared with everyone and shouted from the rooftops.” – RA

It seems to me that at lot of men out there who blandly support trans “rights” to women’s spaces and places, and their “right” to be thought of as women need a lesson in female biology, and what it really means to be a woman.

Trans women are women, apparently, because they feel like one. How can they know what it feels like to be a women if they are not one? Because they feel like one? How many times do we go around this circle?

Let’s look at what the trans lobby call a “full transition”, a state where we are told their body fits with their feelings of womanhood. This conversion is extremely rare. Even if trans “women” take hormones to grow their own breasts, very few also have their penises cut off and inverted and then stuck up into surgically created hole to create what they call a “vagina”. But those that do are considered by the trans community to have achieved full transition.

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